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Frequently Asked Questions

Apprenticeships are far from being a new thing. In fact, their origins can be traced back as long ago as the Middles ages. But as the centuries have past (and the trades and conditions have improved, mostly), it’s more and more difficult for employers to keep up with all the benefits an apprentice can offer a business.

Here’s a handy breakdown of some of the important questions asked about the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, before you even have to ask…  

Is it true that you only deliver Digital Marketing apprenticeships?

That’s right. Digital Skills HQ was set up with one ultimate goal: to help businesses bridge the digital marketing skills gap by training up the next generation of online marketers. Our tutors are vastly experienced in all areas of digital marketing, from metrics to WordPress. Some have managed the social media platforms of international travel brands, while others have helped start-ups make their mark online. When it comes to digital marketing, they certainly know what they are talking about. That’s why we’ve decided to specialise in this particular field of expertise.

Are there any age restrictions on how old the digital marketing apprentice can be?

Anyone can become a Digital Marketing Apprentice, even if they’re 80 years old (if they really want to). If you’re thinking of a career change but think you’re too old for an apprenticeship, think again! Join our very own 18-80’s club.

Is it true that graduates can also be apprentices?

Yep, it’s true. Even if you already have a degree, you’re still eligible. That means that the apprentice could come from the 40% of people aged 25-34 who already have a degree to their name. In fact, the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship is ideal for people with a marketing degree because it’ll provide the student with all the practical know-how they need to go to the top of their profession…quickly.

How much will hiring an apprentice cost an employer?

The Government will pay 90% of the cost of training a Digital Marketing Apprentice. Not bad, eh? That means that if the government grants you £9,000, you’ll only have to pay £900 towards having your own in-house digital marketing guru. What. A. Bargain. If you are a Levy paying employer and have £9000 in your digital account, there’s nothing to pay.

Ah, but does that mean it’ll cost the apprentice instead?

Not a bit of it. The great thing about an apprenticeship is that the student doesn’t have to pay a penny. What’s more, they’ll even earn while they learn. That means that apprenticeships should be seen as an viable alternative to going to university. In 2017, the average student is going to leave university with over £30,000 debt in their name. That’s a lot of money. Whereas with an apprenticeship, they won’t incur any debts, they’ll get paid a salary every month and there’s even the promise of a permanent role within the business, earning at least the minimum wage.

How long does it take to complete a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship?

It usually takes an apprentice 15-18 months to complete the programme, meaning in less than two years you’ll have your own tailor-made digital marketing expert to grow your businesses’ online presence.

Does the apprentice have to be a new recruit or an existing employee?

No, the apprentice can be either. If you think your business could benefit from fresh thinking, an apprentice could be a great way of injecting some young blood into your organisation. On the other hand, if you’ve already got someone within your business who’s got the potential to be digital marketer, our apprenticeship will help them develop the skills they need to thrive online.

My business doesn’t pay the apprenticeship levy, does that matter?

That’s not a problem. If you’re a non-levy paying business you can still take on your own apprentice. But if you do pay the levy, you have your own budget to spend on training apprentices and if you don’t claim your allowance within 24 months, it’ll be spent by another business that hires an apprentice.


Does the apprenticeship need to have any entry requirements?

To be eligible to do an apprenticeship, the student needs to have Level 2 qualifications in both Maths and English. If you don’t have these qualifications then Digital Skills HQ’s parent company in2wrk has over a decade’s experience helping people achieve their functional skills qualifications quickly. On some occasions, in as little as 10 days. So it really is no biggie.

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