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Content Marketing

Content marketing can help your business stand out from the crowd and gain earned traffic more cost-effectively than paid advertising. matters. Our one-day workshop will explain how great content and savvy social media promotion work hand-in-hand to achieve online success.

Let our experienced online marketers show you how to create and promote content using popular online platforms and marketing tools. Learn how content marketing fits in your sales funnel. How to create and manage a blog and develop your business into a fully-functioning online brand.

digital marketing strategy

By the end of this course you will be able to understand:

Content marketing – what and why? The intersection of advertising and publishing
Marketing funnels
The different types of content and when/where to use them in order to get the most value
What are lead magnets and how to use them
Lead optins and landing pages
Understanding conversion rates
Retargeting and Remarketing
Blog Marketing
The Editorial Calendar
Content Distribution
Email Marketing Basics and Lead Nurturing
Social Media Distribution
Paid Distribution
Customer Acquisition

Do You Want To Do Digital Better?

We at Digital Skills HQ are passionate about delivering top-notch training to business professionals who want to stay one step ahead of the game.

Whether you’re completely new to the world of online or want to specialist training in a specific area of digital marketing, we have a workshop that’s right for you

It’s £250 per student. That’s for a full day’s coaching from one of our digital marketing experts.
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Regardless of your current skillset or area you’d like some help mastering, we have a workshop that’s right for you. Our coaches are experienced at delivering digital marketing training to individuals currently working within the industry as well as digital novices. So you’re in safe hands. All we ask is that you know how to use a mouse and keyboard. The rest we’ll teach you!

Learners need to bring with them a laptop or notebook in order to do the training we offer. Digital Skills HQ are not expected to provide any working equipment to our students. If you’re learning about something that involves mobile devices and tablets, we highly recommend that you bring those with you as well. Oh and it might be an idea to bring a note pad and pen because there will be lots of information to take in!

Students will be free to use the tea and coffee making facilities at the back of the room whenever they like. But other than that, no refreshments will be provided during the workshops as part of the standard price.

Don’t worry. If for some reason you can’t attend the workshop you booked on, you’ll be able to enrol onto the next date when we’ll be delivering it. One of our friendly administrators will in touch within a few days of the event to arrange it for you.