Opening Autumn 2023!

North East Lincolnshire's First Digital Enterprise Centre

Working from home isn't all it's cracked up to be!

Help us create a vibrant digital business community in Grimsby

We are opening a Digital Enterprise Centre in Grimsby Town Centre in Autumn 2023.

We offer both co-working space and dedicated office space. Membership is open to anyone working in the digital sector, including:

Our community will be built for those who crave the freedom and flexibility of independent work, but miss the sense of community that comes from being surrounded by like minded-peers. Here's how we will foster that sense of community:

Diverse Individuals, Bound By Shared Values.

At Digital Skills HQ, our community will be made up of independent professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote employees from all walks of life. Regardless of background, age, industry or interests, you'll find a supportive network of individuals who are there for you in the ways that matter the most. Everything will be led by our in-house conceirge team, specialist Digital Business Advisor and Business Network Community Manager.

Genuine Support From Attentive Listeners.

We believe in sharing knowledge and helping one another. If you are going through a personal or professional transition, you'll find that Digital Skills HQ will be a caring and supportive community.

Engaging Events For The Curious.

Join us for our exclusive, twice weekly, and monthly members-only events designed to connect you with inspiring individuals and inject some excitement into your routine. From Show & Tell sessions to presentations and specialised online channels, there will be countless opportunities to learn, share, and grow within our inclusive community. Dive in at your own pace - there will be no minimum requirement for participation. We will offer great opportunities to learn new skills.

Meaningful Conversations Over Corporate Small Talk.

You will be able to forge genuine connections with fellow members by bonding over shared interests beyond work. Take a break from the daily grind and discuss the things that bring you joy, whether it's music, football, movies, cat gifs, or paddle-boarding. Whatever your passion, you will find like minded people at Digital Skills HQ.

Rediscover Being In The Right Place At The Right Time In Your Working Day.

Recapture the joy of spontaneous conversations about topics you love. Our online spaces and activities will be designed to foster that sense of discovery at the heart of co-working. Join co-working sessions, work sprints, coffee chats, and more to bring unexpected and delightful conversations back into your life.

Multiple Ways To Connect, From Anywhere.

Some members will fully embrace the Digital Skills HQ experience in our physical office space, while others will use them to stay connected online between visits. Whether you're always logged on or just dropping by, you will have the opportunity to connect with a diverse range of members every time you engage.

Access To Great Tech Facilities

We will have a dedicated podcast and video studio with full technical support on hand. Whether you would like to produce a regular series of podcasts in your specialism, a training video for your sector or an engaging promotional video for your website we will have what you need. We will also have a dedicated high speed leased line and a specialist Zoom Room conferencing suite.

Escape From Home

Experience the benefits of a co-working space where meaningful connections thrive. If you're in Grimsby, our memberships will offer a safe, flexible, and inspiring environment to escape the confines of your home and surround yourself with like-minded individuals.

While Digital Skills HQ will provide an exceptional workspace, it's the people who will truly make it a place you'll be eager to visit. Here are some highlights to anticipate:

A Secure And Inviting Space, Distinct From Your Own Home.

Imagine a third place designed specifically for modern professionals. Our community space will foster productivity in a comfortable setting, resembling a vibrant clubhouse that allows you to redefine "work-life balance".

Flexibility To Suit Your Unique Work Style.

Choose from membership plans tailored to your preferences and timetable: 2 days per month, 6 days per month, or Unlimited access. Our month-to-month memberships have no restrictive contracts or time constraints. Enjoy fast internet, ample fresh air and natural light, and a modern kitchen with complimentary coffee and tea. And, of course, encounter exceptional individuals every day.

Thoughtfully Designed Spaces Promoting Comfort And Harmony.

Settle into a selection of naturally lit, inviting workspaces featuring adjustable sit-stand desks, external monitors, and spacious common areas. We will provide sensible amentities, including fast internet, delicious coffee and tea and fresh air.

Tranquil Call Rooms And Meeting Spaces.

When you require privacy for phone calls or team gatherings, use our comfortable call rooms. Phone and meeting room credits will be included in all membership options, along with upgrades that grant access to specialised rooms for recording and hybrid meetings.