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We are able to offer a fast-track & direct referral routes for Business Advisors

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This is a fast paced Digital Marketing training course that will equip entrepreneurs with excellent skills. They’ll need to complete 50 x 2.5 hour modules in 12 weeks or so. It’s very interactive and to gain full benefit they’ll need an enthusiasm for the subject and its potential benefits for their business.

Its pitched roughly between GCSE & A’ Level standard. However its not an academic or theoretical course. There are no exams, it is very practical and hands on. It is all about them winning new business.

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Fast-Track Referral Route

We are able to offer a fast-track referral route for Business Advisers providing you are able to ask your clients a few simple eligibility questions prior to making a referral.

Here are the questions we’d usually ask on our first call to all enquiries. If you can ask your client these prior to making a referral, we can send them straight through to stage 2 of the application process.

If you’d prefer not to fill out the form below then please ask your clients the questions and send our Marketing Director, Richard Hallam an email with your referral at [email protected]



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Our Marketing Director, Richard Hallam, is available to speak to about any referral partnerships, new client referrals or questions you might have surrounding the Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing. Don’t hesitate to reach out using your preffered method.

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