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Are you a Business Adviser with clients who want and need to improve their Digital Marketing, or maybe you are a start-up or small business?


I was a Business Adviser in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire from 1998 to 2002 and I’ve been running what is now called Digital Skills HQ and Think Employment for 20 years. Every now and then in business you make a particularly good decision. I’m living one at the moment. With help from colleagues John, Andy and Steve, we decided to run a Digital Marketing Skills Bootcamp aimed at Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial people. It’s not a qualification as such, but it’ll certainly qualify you for something. Amongst other things participants will be superior at Digital Marketing than most of their competitors and they’ll win more business as a direct result of what we deliver.


It’s flying off the shelves, and not only are our Entrepreneurs happy but the Business Advisers who are referring clients to us are happy too. So much so that some of them are joining the programme very soon, so that they can transfer skills and knowledge to their clients.


As it stands, we have less than 90 places left. So if you’d like to refer a client, or join yourselves, please act fast.

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What Your Clients Can Expect

This is a fast paced Digital Marketing training course that will equip entrepreneurs with excellent skills. They’ll need to complete 50 x 2.5 hour modules in 12 weeks or so. It’s very interactive and to gain full benefit they’ll need an enthusiasm for the subject and its potential benefits for their business.

Its pitched roughly between GCSE & A’ Level standard. However its not an academic or theoretical course. There are no exams, it is very practical and hands on. It is all about them winning new business.

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