Marketing Materials

chose from a range of infographics and flyers to send to your clients

Downloadable PDFs

We’ve created three brief PDFs that you can download and share with your clients to inform them about the Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing.

Mailer Card

Use this to introduce your clients to our Skills Bootcamps in Digital Marketing. Specifically aimed at Business Owners and start-ups.

Course Comparison

Take a look at this clear comparison table to get an understanding of the value included within our Skills Bootcamps.

Combined Flyer

This 3 page PDF includes the Mailer Card and Course Comparison table together for added ease of sharing with your clients.


We’ve optimised these images with social media sharing in mind and have split them into six categories so you can pick the graphics that are most suited to your clients.

Feel free to share any of these useful infographics across your social media profiles – just remember to tag us!

Course Value Images

These images are focused around the value of materials included within the Skills Bootcamp.

Business Owner Images

These images are focused on addressing Business Owners and their needs.

Business Images

These images are targeted at increasing Business Revenue and gaining valuable skills.

Testimonial Images

These testimonial images have been created using true reviews from our Skills Bootcamp learners.

Side Hustle Images

These images are focused on the ever popular 'side hustle' businesses. Focused on those who want to stay in employment while running a business.

Skills Bootcamp Images

These images are focused on the Skills Bootcamp itself and are useful to use as a first post to introduce the course to your clients.

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